Piping is an art form that celebrates every aspect of life.

I will always ask for photos, and never get enough. Here are a few of me in various venues. Some are serious. Some are fun. Please be patient...this page may be very s-l-o-w....

Wedding photos are very dear to me.  If I play for your wedding, a photo or two is part of my fee.  When I started this journey, I was advised that I should always get photos of the events where I piped as the photos would bring me great joy.  Now being able to look back on many weddings, I understand.  This wedding was at the Stone Church on Mackinaw.  It's a long, long drive for me, but well worth the effort to share the day for these great people.


I've had the privilege of being the President, Director and Pipe Major of the Kalamazoo Pipe Band from 1992/3 until 2005. We grew from a few players who got together once in a while to a competitve Grade V group that does parades, concerts, and stage shows. We've twice hosted and opened for the Battlefield Band in concert as well.


A very memorable day spent at the Detroit St. Andrews Highland games in 2003 with prizes in Grade 2 competitions for March/Strathspey/Reel, Hornpipe/Jig and Piobaireachd. The legendary Archie Cairns was the Piobaireachd judge! Many thanks to Iain Macey for the tutelage.

Helping to celebrate a "life well lived" is an honor that I take very seriously.   The pipes have been part of every aspect of life in Scotland and Ireland for centuries.  In addition to Amazing Grace and Danny Boy, there are dozens of traditional tunes such as Mist Covered Mountains of Home, Flowers of the Forest or, as a special prelude, piobaireachd - the ancient music of the pipes.

I've piped for the state FOP convention twice in Kalamazoo.

This was from a Kalamazoo Area Public Service appreciation event.  The flag hanging from ladder trucks is also not uncommon at memorial services for our public service colleagues.

The Kalamazoo Public Safety Honor Guard, led by Mark Sheffer (second from right), are a great bunch of guys and I've been very honored to work with them.  To put this picture in perspective, I'm 5'11"- Honest!  Ever wonder why police forces like to drive Ford Crown Victorias??

Here I am at the Holiday Parade with the Kalamazoo Scottish Festival Association. It was a pretty decent day in Kalamazoo and the sidewalks were packed with people. I chose to pipe holiday tunes from the staging area straight through to the end of the parade. This is an outfit you won't see often - The combination of elf's cap and garland is seldom worn with a full plaid... (Many thanks to the Kings for this photo!)

This was the beginning of a wedding where the bridesmaids were being brought down the aisle. The location is Stetson Chapel at Kalamazoo College.

I've piped at weddings in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Holland, Macatawa, Albion, Hastings, Richland, Niles, Dowagiac, Benton Harbor, South Haven, and many other locations in southwest Michigan. I've even done a wedding ceremony at the Little Stone Church on Mackinaw Island.

Here I'm having fun playing at a Ceilidh on the night before the Kalamazoo Scottish Festival. What you can't see are the people up and dancing. I love to pipe for both country and highland dancing.

I was extremely honored to pipe for this ceremony for an MIA whose remains had been returned from Vietnam. From where I stood, I was looking across the flag draped casket at the woman who bore this young man and who, for 29 years, had awaited closure. Only "Flowers of the Forest " would do.

Several times each year, I'm also asked to pipe at Fort Custer National Cemetery and to honor the memory of those who've made it possible for us to have our way of life.

Here I'm playing while the guests are waiting for the receiving line to finish and to be able to send the newlyweds off to the reception.

Here's a video clip generously provided by a bride and groom. I was their "surprise" for the recessional and receiving line. Even given the moderate fidelity of this recording, you can easily hear why I own this bagpipe.

If the movie doesn't start, click HERE.

I enjoy playing with folk musicians. Here, I've joined in on Scottish Small Pipes.

As the Director of On-Field Activities at the Kalamazoo Scottish Festival, I'm sometimes asked to do "official" duties. In this case I'd been asked to play a musical tribute to a founder of the Festival.

This was a photo taken at the induction of a Scottish pastor one of the area's largest churches.  It was a tremendous honor to provide the music for this event.


Piping in the LIBRARY??  This particular show was in the library,  for an educational presentation on Scottish culture and a mini-Ceilidh ( an informal party with dancing and music). On another occasion, when the Kalamazoo Scottish Festival Association made a donation to the Kalamazoo Public Library's "Ready to Read" program, "Yours Truly" was there to help present the check and to "SHH"ake up the librarians.

Prelude for a wedding

This was a very joyous occasion in which the bride (a piper) and groom (a drummer) were both members of the Kalamazoo Pipe Band.  At the reception, the bride and I played the March of the Champion Supreme as a reprise of her processional.  (Her mom wouldn't let her play it during the wedding!)


This is a photo with my favorite highland dancer (my wife!) and our friend Keith at a Faire on Bronson Park in downtown Kalamazoo.  The pipes I'm holding here are mouthblown Scottish Small pipes in the Key of "upper" D.