I’ve had the privilege of performing at more than 140 weddings as well as at many parties, benefits, retirements and christenings.  I've also played about about twice that number of memorial services.  I’ve been a soloist with two full symphony orchestras, a chamber orchestra, a concert band and have been involved in theatrical productions including Brigadoon and Macbeth.  I've opened concerts for and have performed with Celtic folk groups and pipe for both Highland and Scottish country dancers. 

In 2015 and 2016, I competed and took prizes as a Grade II piper in both the Eastern US and Midwest Pipe Band Associations.  From my competition experience, I play marches, strathspeys, reels, airs, hornpipes, jigs, and the ancient form known as piobaireachd.  I've written and arranged a few tunes as well.

Before moving to Rochester, I broadened myself by playing with highly competitive pipe bands while directing a local pipe band (14 yrs).   I've taught piping in an adult education setting for about 12 yrs and have been the director of on-field activities for the Kalamazoo (Michigan) Scottish Festival for about 13 yrs. 

Locally, I play with Feadan Or Pipe Band.  Beyond the Rochester pipe band scene, I've soloed with Cordancia, a chamber orchestra - presenting a Mozart piece in a "legitimate" setting, with the University of Rochester Symphony Orchestra - playing Davies' "An Orkney Wedding with Sunrise". 

I  play the Great Highland Bagpipe (native pitch, concert A and concert B-flat) and the Scottish Small Pipes (concert A and concert D).  Playing with other musicians is never an issue.

Group performances, highland dancing and instruction can also be arranged.  

If I can't personally meet your needs, I'll work with other members of the local piping community to find you a strong piper.