Dearest Friends from Kalamazoo:

I can't believe it's been 10 years!

Due to decisions made at the corporate level within Pfizer to eliminate the vibrant workforce that powered pharmaceutical development for the Upjohn Company, Pharmacia and Upjohn and for Pharmacia, my employment in Kalamazoo came to an end near the end of 2005.  As much as I loved the area and loved piping for the community, the better employment opportunities that were available to me required that I leave the area.

Leaving Kalamazoo/Portage was very difficult and has involved a great deal of sadness on several fronts.  I still regret that I couldn't continue my involvement with the many thoughtful, caring and warm people in southwestern Michigan.  I have many wonderful memories of the nearly 600 events in which you've allowed me to be involved and to be a part of your families.

On the positive side, I really enjoy my new employment and I've integrated myself into the piping scene in Rochester, New York and in EUSPBA.

If you'd like to contact me - for any reason, please use the contact info page.   If you have an update, a story or a photo of a performance, I'd love to hear from you.

On a personal note, I would ask each of you to continue to support the Scottish performing arts in the area - especially the Kalamazoo Pipe Band in their teaching and performance roles.

With many thanks for including me in your life,

Steve MacLeod